11th August 2018

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Taking care of a puppy

There are loads to consider when getting a new puppy. Becoming a new dog owner comes with loads of responsibilities but can also be very rewarding. There are loads to consider such as: Training, socialization, diet, toilet training, correct toys and stimulation, walking, vets bills and neutering. In time, correct training and care, your puppy will hopefully become a well adjusted adult dog. Your puppy will need a lot of socialization and training in its first few months of its life. Socializing your puppy is a critical part of its life during the early stages of your puppy’s development, so that your puppy will end up being a well balanced and sociable dog. You can take your puppy to puppy training and socialization classes and even just by introducing your puppy to other family members and friends and other dogs, will help your puppy learn to socialize with other humans and dogs. Your puppy and also you can benefit a lot from attending dog training classes, you should ideally start these when your puppy’s vaccinations are complete. In order to become a good family pet, it is also important that you teach your puppy to understand right from wrong, and should take every opportunity to praise your puppy for good behaviour and let them know when they have misbehaved and done something wrong. Choosing the best type of food for your puppy is also important. There are loads of different types of diets to put your puppy on. These are, dry complete food, semi moist or tinned wet food, with or without mixer, raw food and home made food. All these types of food have different qualities to them, but all depends on what suits your puppy best. But please remember that stability in the diet will help maintain good digestion, any changes made should be done gradually. It is always best though to stick to one diet, that suits your puppy. All of these being done, will give your puppy the best start in life.


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