Frequently asked questions

At Glenbrittle Kennels, we welcome all our guests with the same love and care that we would give to our own. With a team of dedicated staff, we are committed to creating a safe and friendly home from home for your pet whilst they’re staying at our boarding kennels.

What time do you open?

We open 9am every day until 5.30pm weekdays and until 5.00pm on the weekends

Do you ever close?

No the kennels are always open but the office does close over Christmas so if the animals are booked in before the office closes then their stay will be until the office reopens a few days later. The rota staffing is exactly the same as a normal working day.

Is kennels cough required?

Yes, there is a minimum period of 14 days before coming in to the kennels once the inoculation has been done

What if I cant find my inoculation card?

Don't worry we will check with the vet that you have used for your inoculation

What if I'm delayed coming home ?

Don't worry, you can collect the next day before 10am with out any additional charge

Can I bring my own food?

Yes you can, we will feed to your instructions

Will you give medication?

Yes we will as to your vets instruction

Do we bring our bedding?

Theres no need to as we have sterilised bedding which is lovely and soft clean

Can my dog have a groom whilst in?

Yes, they can please ask the office on checking in to book a groom